Who can use pricemymaterials.com

The website is designed to be used by both the trade and public - anybody who is in the market for building and/or landscaping materials. pricemymaterials.com is a website that introduces you to hundreds of suppliers nationwide.

What details should I include in my product posting?

The more information you can supply, the better. Include details of quantities, brand names, manufacturers, colours, sizes etc. It maybe that the suppliers can also offer you alternatives with a similar specification to what you require.

Which category should I choose for my posting?

It is important you pick the category that best suits your requirement. If you are not sure which category to post your enquiry under, pick the category or categories that fit most closely to your requirements.

What about delivery details?

The section that asks you for delivery particulars is to help suppliers establish all the necessary information in order to provide an accurate quote. The way in which the materials are delivered can make a huge difference to the price. For example, many suppliers now use pallet couriers to keep costs to a minimum. Pallet couriers however require flat, solid hard-standing ground in which to make off-load with a tail-lift and pallet truck. The suppliers may also want to use a large crane wagon vehicle. These vehicles vary in size all the way up to articulated lorries.

Can I cancel my posting?

Yes, at any time you can delete your enquiry. You also have the ability to ‘turn off’ the enquiry once you feel as though you have had enough response or you have accepted a deal with a supplier.

What it nobody responds to my posting?

If no suppliers respond to your enquiry, it is likely that it isn’t viable for them to supply for whatever reason. We do encourage the use of this site for orders of a fair size. For example, an enquiry for 1 bulk bag of top soil may not generate the interest compared to 100m2 of paving or 10 tonnes of top soil.

Why do you need my name, email address and contact details?

Pricemymaterials.com require your address and post code so that suppliers can provide an accurate quote on your materials. Your email address remains blocked to any 3rd party. Your contact information is made visible to the supplier once you have accepted an offer with that particular supplier. Your personal details will never be made public on the site. 

Who do I pay for the goods?

If you are happy to proceed with a particular supplier, you deal directly with them. You can phone and speak to the person you have been dealing with through the message service or they will be in touch with you via the email / phone number you have provided.

Which supplier shall I choose?

It’s not all about the price! Consider your options and choose a supplier that has impressed in terms of service, response time, availability, as well as price. Don’t be afraid to carry out any research into the supplier you are thinking of dealing with. Check out their website, look for any reviews. You could even choose to call them and discuss any issues over the phone.

My order has been delivered and is not what I expected. What do I do?

Pricemymaterials.com is a platform connecting you to hundreds of suppliers who supply and stock the materials you are looking for. If you deal with your chosen supplier, you are entering into a contract with them directly, not with pricemymaterials.com. In the unfortunate event that something goes wrong, Pricemymaterials.com are not liable as we are not party to the agreement. See our terms & conditions for more details.

Please use the messaging service to satisfy any doubts you may have. You can request the suppliers website address, email address etc so you can carry out any necessary research into the company.