About us

PriceMyMaterials.com has been developed as a result of two brothers, Dan and Ben, working within the building and landscaping industry for many years. Joined by two entrepreneurial colleagues, the team have identified an innovative way to source building and lanscaping materials. Through being involved in the industry, Dan and Ben have strong connections within the merchant sector as well as many UK manufacturers and wholesalers. This has resulted in a website that offers the benefits associated with the buying trends of the modern day.

Many of these benefits can be seen below:-

The Buyers

  • The buyer can save hours of time, trawling through various web-sites and sending numerous emails. They simply fill out the enquiry form and await the responses.
  • The buyer can assess his/her options and make a decision based on all the factors including PRICE, TIME SCALE, SERVICE, ALTERNATIVE PRODUCTS etc
  • The buyer can benefit particularly on large orders which are price sensitive and products that perhaps they are struggling to find.

The Suppliers

  • The suppliers can see and respond to genuine enquiries on-line which isn’t costing them a fortune on internet advertising
  • The suppliers can sell their services and have the ability to offer alternative products should they not have the exact same product in stock. This can be particularly useful if the supplier has excess stock / slow moving stock / stock that they want to do a deal on.
  • The suppliers can view the location of the delivery and respond to a lead based on the fact they already have a vehicle in that area. Thereby, saving money for both parties.